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ISO 9001:2015 Registered
SBA 8(a) Certified


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Digital Laser Tachometer - Handheld LCD / LED

Product Code : DT-205L / DT-207L

DT-205L / DT-207L Handheld LCD / LED Digital Laser Tachometer is a battery powered, microprocessor controlled, non-contact/contact tachometer that utilizes a laser beam for movement detection. In the non-contact mode a laser beam measures RPM when directed towards a shaft or any other rotating mechanism marked with a small piece of reflective tape. The included 200L Adapter allows for contact measurement via a rubber tip cone attachment or the 6 master linear wheel.

The DT-205L / DT-207L tachometer incorporates the latest microprocessor and laser technology including several features not available on other tachometers available in the industry.

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    • Multi-Mode Speed Selection
    • Sophisticated Laser Beam Detection
    • Exceptional Accuracy to 0.0006 of Reading
    • Large Memory Capacity
    • Single Chip Microprocessor
    • Safely Measures RPM
    • Oversized 5 Digit LCD Display
    • Long Battery Life
    • Rugged Die-Cast Aluminum Housing
    • Extended Measuring Range 6 - 99,999 rpm
    • CE mark

    Operating Temperature

    32° to 113°F (0° to 45°C)


    Die-Cast Aluminum Housing


    Size: 6.6" L x 2.4" W x 1.8" H (168 x 61 x 46 mm)

    Weight: 0.8 lbs (365 g)

    Standard Accessories

    2 Cone Adapters

    1 Funnel Adapter

    3" (76mm) Extension Shaft

    200L Adapter

    Carrying Case1 Master Wheel (6" (152mm) circle


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